The Batam city

Who did not know the Batam city at this time. The development of his economy increasingly fast. Moreover, at this time Batam will be made a part of FTZ (Free Trade Zone). In other words, Batam will be different from areas of surrounding area in Indonesia. The Batam progress, definitely was not free from the Government that fought for Batam until being formed like this.

But, that most play a role important was the Batam authority that built Batam until could become the beautiful and interesting city. Before Batam is formed as it is now in 2008, where the Government of the Centre and the Regional Government as well as the Government was of the City formulating various matters so that Batam, Bintan and Karimun could be made SEZ (special Economic Zone).

Retreat in the 1970 's, where Batam still in occupies approximately 10,000 souls, up to now Batam was occupied by almost 700,000 thousand inhabitants. As an economic region, Batam currently was one of the few economic supports. Outside centre regions in Pantura Java that stretched from Cilegon Banten, to Sidoarjo, East Java, Kawasan Batam with Bali functioned as the region that supported the national economy from outside Java.

Although being like this the background of the Batam growth like this clear different compared with other regions. Bali for example, only was moved by natural capital took the form of the nature environment and his local culture that were very 'competitive'. But Batam grew fully because of the 'intervention' factor that really terencana was carried out by the Government. Batam was the phenomenon that was interesting because of being the region that experienced the fastest growth in Indonesia, both from the measurement of the inhabitants, urban areas and the economy especially for the last four decades.

From the side this, Batam could be only equated with Jabotabek, with the exception from the aspect of the number of inhabitants. Whereas from the aspect of the Batam development became increasingly complex and interesting because of the occurrence of the process of reform, that basically was the evolution that was speeded up (accelerated evolution) from the Government of the Baru Order that was not democratic to the side of the community madani that was democratic. Batam had had the strategic location that was located to the route perdagangan international, promised the clear future. The Batam island also had.

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